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when ur battling ice type pokemon


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I just realised lookhuman has “keep calm and wait I can’t keep calm because I have anxiety” shirts and I’ve never felt so nauseous….

I actually cannot believe..

That is not a joking matter..? Anxiety is serious and people should not joke over it ?

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im gonna go stand outside so if anyone asks im outstanding

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this is exactly what you think it is -

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bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

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Can you just be there? Without asking questions? I can’t bring myself to answer any of your questions. I want to feel that you’re here for me. That’s all.
– Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters (via n-ul)

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the reason this generation is failing is because we’re not motivated enough to make money. all the people on the dollar bills are dead. they’re not relevant and teens just can’t connect. we need money with memes and beyonce on it

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i cant express how much i hate fucking bees 

then stop fucking bees???? it’s really a simple solution

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