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250. Filch hates the student population even more now, because 1) he still hasn’t found that bloody map, but he has suspicions about who may or may not have it, and 2) every year on a random day, the muggle-borns stage a magic-free paintball war, the results of which are staggering messes comparable only to the Weasley swamp that one time, and nobody can stop it because the entire school has gotten in on it.

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253. The new students wear the clothes they brought in their trunks over and over, or swap and borrow clothes if they run out, since they don’t know about the Room of Requirement turning into a mini mall.

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238. Muggleborns, after realizing they cant go to a convention because they’ll be at Hogwarts, having cosplay contests but with magic, too. so suddenly there are just a hoard of grey muggleborns with real horns, and someone transfigured a desk into the TARDIS, and someone else decked out their wand like a sonic, plus someone else used engorgio and is cosplaying a titan.

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236. Muggle relatives asking about what classes the muggleborns are taking often leads to awkward conversations.

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I know what yaoi is. IVE SEEN neon genesis evangelion.
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when ur battling ice type pokemon


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I just realised lookhuman has “keep calm and wait I can’t keep calm because I have anxiety” shirts and I’ve never felt so nauseous….

I actually cannot believe..

That is not a joking matter..? Anxiety is serious and people should not joke over it ?

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